“Learning self love is like learning a new language – it might not be the easiest thing, but it’s totally possible by taking baby steps.”

Episode 229

Why Self Love Feels So Hard (Throwback!)

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Hello, Gorgeous Soul.

I hear it all the time: “I *get* the concept of self love…it just feels hard.”

Of COURSE it does. You were born into and have bought into a society that persistently teaches you that you aren’t enough. You have been taught since childhood that getting the approval of others is what decided whether you were worthy. And you have been taught that other people’s opinions matter more than yours.

Of COURSE it feels hard…it’s like learning a brand new language. The good news is…if you can learn a new language you can learn self love. The trick is baby steps:

  1. Acceptance of what IS
  2. Self LIKE and/or appreciation
  3. Self love

It IS possible. You can like yourself and your life.


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– Kristen

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