It’s my birthday!! I’m 42 and I LOOOOVE getting older. But I keep hearing from people who don’t share my love of aging.

I was sitting in my hair stylists chair a few weeks ago, asking her what she was up to that weekend and she told me how she was going out of town to celebrate her 30th birthday.

“I don’t know why I’m having SUCH a hard time with turning 30! I don’t want to get older! I feel like I don’t even know how to be 30!” she told me.

I remember turning 30. I remember it was MY hardest birthday too. Emily was 10 months old and I was pregnant with Parker (although we were still a few weeks from knowing that because ooooops…). I loved Emily more than I had ever loved anything, but I was NOT adjusting well to being a mom and really felt like I didn’t even recognize myself. A few months earlier, I put my dad back into rehab after years of sobriety. My marriage was seriously shaky…I didn’t know if we would make it or not and honestly wasn’t sure I even wanted us to make it. And I couldn’t seem to figure out how to take care of a baby, a house, a parent, a husband AND myself. So I crossed myself off the list.

And I stayed crossed off that list for several more years. I took care of everything else and was too exhausted to take care of myself so I started numbing the pain with food, wine, binging shows on the DVR (this was waaaaay back when you had to wait for Netflix DVD’s…..remember that???). Putting myself last took a serious toll. Not only was my body unhealthy and tired, my thoughts were BRUTAL.

I started to believe that this was just how life had to be. I started to believe thoughts like “my husband (who is wired to see the world in a very black/white, right/wrong, problem/solution way) will NEVER be able to support me the way I need to be supported” and  “I will never “catch up” in my life”. I wanted to get healthier, but when I went to exercise my thoughts would tell me “You know what? What’s the point? You’ve tried this before, you’re just going to give up” and so back to the couch I’d go. I remember praying for a house fire so we could just start over because my thoughts told me I would NEVER get that decluttered, always clean house I dreamt of.

I mean…that’s an exhausting way to live, a constant running dialogue of “you suck” and “you just aren’t cut out for being a wife/mom” narrating my days. But that’s where I was.

And there wasn’t a specific thing that triggered me to get my ass out of that life, it was more of a remembering. I remember looking in the mirror one day and thinking “What the HELL are you doing?? You know better than most people that life is short and just going through the motions is not acceptable.”

And that was the end of that version of me and the beginning of the woman I am today. I got my house together, I worked hard (with my husband) to being happy in my marriage, I started eating healthy, I started exercising. And these habits have stuck for about 8 years now. And it’s NOT because I’ve got great willpower. It’s because I dealt with the thoughts.

I dealt with that horrible mean girl who lived in my head. I changed the story I was telling myself about what was possible and what wasn’t. I made-over my entire life.

And now I’m honored to walk other women through their own transformations…moving through one mindset block, one thought, one belief at a time. It’s not easy work but it is worth the work EVERY SINGLE TIME.

So today I want to ask you…which part of your life are YOU ready to transform? What do you want YOUR life, your health, your work, your relationship, your home to look like?

And do you BELIEVE that you can make that happen?

Because you can. I KNOW you can. I see it every day and with every client I work with. It doesn’t happen overnight…transformations happen one decision at a time.

“You know?” I told my stylist, “30 was hard for me too. But here’s what I can tell you from the future…what you’re about to go through isn’t going to be easy. You’re figuring yourself out, you’re making big decisions, you’re seeing who you’re becoming as an adult. BUT? You’re a blank slate…you get to DECIDE what this next season of your life looks like. And you’re going to question everything you do and you’re going to think that you’re not figuring it out fast enough. DON’T do that to yourself. Be really really kind to yourself while you figure out what being 30 means, what being “older” means. And if it helps? I wouldn’t go back and be younger no matter how much you paid me.”

She turned me around in the chair and said, “Oh my gosh. That’s the FIRST thing anyone has said to me that’s made me feel better about this birthday. Thank you SO much!”

I flipped my newly cut hair and said, “Hey, it’s what I do.”


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It’s been a while, I’m not who I was before
You look surprised, your words don’t burn me anymore
Been meaning to tell you, but I guess it’s clear to see
Don’t be mad, it’s just the brand new kind of me
Can’t be bad, I found a brand new kind of free

~Brand New Me by Alicia Keys

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