My husband is not in charge of my happiness.

No matter what he does, he doesn’t get to choose how I feel.

He doesn’t get to choose if I feel happy or mad or sad or resentful or frustrated.

I choose that.

I choose happy or mad or sad or resentful or frustrated based on the THOUGHTS I AM THINKING.

He is not causing my feelings…my THOUGHTS are.

And guess what?

I’m not in charge of him either.

I’m not in charge of how he thinks or acts or what he says or does.

What I say and what I do don’t determine how he feels or what he does…only HE has the power of his feelings and actions.

I can’t make him mad. I can’t make him happy.

And as soon as we both really tapped into that truth, that neither of us was responsible for making the other person happy…it was like a million pound boulder was taken off our shoulders.

We just got to show up and enjoy each other.

Listen, it wasn’t a quick journey to this place.

Dave must’ve asked me a million times “If you aren’t here to make me happy and I’m not here to make you happy…then why are we married?”

It’s because we enhance each other.

It’s because when we stop judging each other, we can LOVE each other.

Life changing shit, y’all.

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Are you who you always said you would be?
With a sinking feeling in your chest
Always waiting on someone else to fix you?
Tell me, when did you forget?

It’s your life–what you gonna do?
The world is watching you
Every day the choices you make
Say what you are and who your heart beats for
It’s an open door

To live the way that you believe
This is your opportunity
To let your life be one that lights the way

It’s Your Life by Francesca Battistelli

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