I used to spend SO MANY hours trying to find the perfect diet. I’d be online or at the bookstore searching for the EXACT right way to eat, the EXACT right type of exercise to do in order to feel better.

I used to lie to myself and say it was for “health reasons” but I’ll be honest with you… it was because I wanted to lose weight or (GOD FORBID) not GAIN weight.

I used to spend hours writing out elaborate meal plans that I PROMISED myself I’d stick to this time.

I’d make up schedules for what I thought would be “perfect” days:

5:00 Wake up

Drink water

Do yoga

6:00 Meditate


7:00 Make green smoothie

I did it because I felt like shit…

I was SO miserable in my marriage, my house was a disaster, I hated my body, I felt like a hot mess EVERY day, I wanted to find my “purpose” but couldn’t.

I was unhappy in my entire life….and I thought that if I could get my health and weight under my control, the rest of my life would follow.

Except it NEVER happened that way.

So as soon as, let’s say, being vegan and doing yoga didn’t work, I’d move on to the next thing. (Cross fit and paleo, health shakes and Shaun T,  Keto and high intensity interval training, and on and on and on).

I spent LITERALLY years searching the internet, reading self help books, signing up for gym memberships or monthly programs… praying that I would find the exact thing that was going to make my feel better.

But here’s what I know now, on the OTHER side of this transformation…

If you want to change your entire life, you  *must* start with your MENTAL HEALTH.

When I hired my coach and learned how to manage the thoughts that popped into my head – make them better instead of believing them – I felt content and happier. I invested in taking excellent care of my mental wellbeing instead of trying to “fix” my external world.

You know what happened next?

My entire life changed.

I stopped obsessing about my weight, I realized that my BODY was telling me how to eat (not a book or an “expert”), and I stopped spending ANY of my mental bandwidth trying to figure out how to eat or exercise.

You know what ELSE?

My relationship with my husband improved. I started to really like him again. I stopped feeling resentful and unhappy.

I felt more connected with my kids and didn’t snap nearly as often.

I stopped feeling overwhelmed about my disorganized house and DID something about it…decluttered it, kept it clean.

I started my dream business.

I created a life that I am head over heels in LOVE with.

THIS – investing in my INSIDES – was what changed my life.

Hiring a coach – spending my hours managing my thoughts instead of my meal plans – has been the best investment I have EVER made in anything. 100%

So, as we’re heading into 2019 and you want THIS to be the year that you TOO create a life you are head over heels in love with, promise me that you’ll FIRST invest your time and money on your INSIDES instead of changing things on the outside.

Make your mental health your #1 priority so that everything else can change too.

I’d LOVE to help you create a life that you are head over heels in love with too. Click here and we’ll hop on the phone to discuss the options

If investing in coaching isn’t in your plans right now, here are 7 other ways to improve your mental health:

  1. Read something that makes you feel good. (Disclaimer: Please don’t buy 8 million self help books. I truly believe this hurts more than it helps. If you must choose self help, pick ONE book that motivates you and commit to applying the advice.)
  2. Get better sleep. My hardest mental days, hands down, are the days that I didn’t get enough sleep. Is it time for a better mattress or a better pillow? Comfy pajamas? A sleep mask?
  3. Disconnect from technology.I promise your phone addiction isn’t helping your mental health. Promise.
  4. Spend quality time with your people. If the people you are spending your time with do not make you feel inspired…if after spending time with them, you feel drained… find new people.
  5. Always have something that you are looking forward to.If you don’t have something on the calendar, start planning. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate…plan a coffee date with yourself for Friday afternoon, schedule a call with your best friend,
  6. Make your environment feel good. Clean up a cluttered space, make your bed, light some candles that smell amazing.
  7. Make a playlist with ONLY songs that you LOVE.

Invest in EXCELLENT mental health and watch the rest of your life transform.

HELLOOOOOO!  I’m Kristen.

I help women have better relationships  and create lives that they absolutely LOVE. Because life is TOO damn short for anything else. Other things: I am obsessed with making perfect charcuterie boards, I’m almost always happy , and I express myself best through gifs.

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