Several years ago I was writing in a journal about the life I wanted but didn’t have. There were lots of things I wanted to change about my relationships and my body and my house. But I always talked about taking my dog for a walk and being in awe of the lake and the mountains I saw while I walked. I didn’t have a dog at the time. There were zero plans to move from Illinois (where there are not even hills, let alone mountains). But that’s what I imagined.⁣

Right away, I started working on my relationships and my body and my house…taking actions to get me closer to what I really wanted my life to be. Working on my thoughts and self love and decluttering and eating healthy. All of those things that I could make a plan for.⁣

⁣But there were never any plans to have a dog or mountains. Until there were. Until we got the itch for a new furry family member. Until Dave went to Colorado for a speaking engagement and came home declaring we were moving to Colorado. I didn’t try to figure out HOW to make that part of my dream come true, I just kept imagining it, kept writing about it, kept telling the Universe what I wanted.⁣

⁣And so now every day when I’m walking Keaton and we get to this part of our hike where, between the trees, I see mountains and a lake, I stop and say thank you. I stop and acknowledge that manifesting is very very real. I stop and take it all in.⁣


Notice what’s around you. Right now, you’ve created this life. Everything around you, everything about you was because of a decision YOU made. And sometimes people can feel a little bit uncomfortable with that, but how about you think of it this way: If you’ve created THIS, you can certainly create something else. We think there are certain things that are just out of our reach…certain things that just aren’t possible.


I don’t believe that. I believe that while your external world might not immediately morph into what you want, your internal world CAN. If you want to be happier, lighter…if you want to feel free…if you want your life to be easier, you can feel that way right away.


And then let the Universe catch up. Just like it did with my mountain view.



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