“Let’s address some myths and misconceptions about your Future Self – who she is, who she isn’t, and what it means to become her. Your future self is not a far-fetched version of you that you have to TURN into. It’s you now, just without the limiting beliefs and bullshit stories you’re carrying around. And you don’t become her AFTER your journey, you realize you ARE her DURING it.”

Episode 206

Some Things You Need to Know about Your Future Self

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Hello, Gorgeous Soul.

I talk about Future Self a lot.

Today I want to get super clear on what I really mean when I talk about the Future Self.

There’s a lot of confusion around this concept.

And some of this confusion can lead to you believing that becoming this “future self” version of you is super complicated and is going to require a LOT of hard work and willpower and how LONG is it gonna take and what does that even look like and how do I even know what’s possible.

Let’s clear this up TODAY so you can stop getting stuck in the weeds of confusion and start manifesting that life you want TODAY.


Your future self is not someone else. It’s not a version of you that you have to TURN into, it’s YOU NOW, just without the limiting beliefs and bullshit stories you carry around with you. Your future self is available right now. In every single moment. ALWAYS. You know those moments you have where you’re like “I can DO this” or “Wait. This ISN’T who I really am….THIS is!” THAT is your future self. That is you ALLOWING the future self version to inhabit your present self life. One of the most exciting parts of the Rewired retreat is that everyone who goes experiences this because that’s the GOAL of our in person time. To fully step into who you ARE without all the stories and let the other people SEE it and WITNESS it. This is where the power of CONNECTION and COMMUNITY comes into play because once OTHER people witness you as your future self you can NEVER believe it’s not possible. Because you’ve got all these people saying “Nice try, ding dong. We know who you really are….this is just your story!”

It helps the person being coached as much as it helps the rest of the group because it reminds them that just because we think the thoughts doesn’t mean they’re true.

Your future self isn’t someone different, it’s YOU when you take off the layers of doubt and the criteria of worthiness.

I simply call it future self because it’s who we’re always moving TOWARDS. We are ALWAYS evolving.

Which leads to the second thing to clear up.

There is no finish line.

There is ALWAYS a future version we are becoming because there IS no DONE. I joke about this with my clients all the time…do you think there is a day you’re going to wake up and be like “I DID it. I’m now the most highly evolved version of myself NOTHING else to do here.”

Of course not. Because as soon as you GET to the version you are dreaming about today, you have already set your sights on what’s beyond that.

The version I am TODAY is my 6 months ago Future Self. But when I got HERE I was already actively moving toward the Future Self I’ll be in 6 months.

THIS is why the JOURNEY matters more than the DESTINATION because the destination will ALWAYS be in front of you.

If you are suffering on the path trying to get to your Future Self who is living the life you want, but that Future Self version is always shifting as you get closer because YOU are shifting, there will be no end to the suffering.

You have come SO far. You have learned SO many things and grown SO much.

If you are not celebrating how FAR you’ve already come, how many big and little steps you’ve already taken, you will GIVE UP because there is no finish line.

Next thing that confuses a lot of people is thinking that the Future Self life LOOKS a lot different than your current self life.

Sometimes it does, but a LOT of the time it doesn’t look all that different.

Or if it does look different, it might not be the way you THOUGHT it was going to look.

Your future self life may or may not LOOK different on the outside, but it definitely FEELS different on the inside..

This is why it’s important to not get caught in “how do I CHANGE all these things?”

When you try to create your future self life by changing all the external things, here’s what’s going to happen:

You’re going to have the external change and it’s STILL not going to feel good.

You’ll have a different amount of money and the SAME problems.

You’ll have a different partner and the SAME issues you had with the last.

You’ll have a new job and the SAME grievances you had at your previous job.

The clearest example I have of this is when I was trying to lose weight all the time. I remember the day I hit the number on the scale — actually a few pounds less than that number — that felt like the ANSWER to all my problems.

I had just done this super restrictive “CLEAN” cleanse

I stepped on the scale and thought “OMG I did it”

Immediately followed by the overwhelming dread of “Oh SHIT now I have to keep doing that for the rest of my life???”

I wanted to lose weight so I could feel better about myself but changing the circumstances of my weight didn’t make me feel better about myself.

This is manifestation.

Don’t get caught up in what things LOOK like. Tap into how your future self FEELS, learn to embody THAT and the external things will change in ways you expect AND lots of ways you won’t expect.

And the last thing I want to talk about here is this:

Your future self is not some perfect version of you that doesn’t ever struggle.

I PROMISE YOU, your future self is not some highly evolved being that only lives on the high vibration cloud and never experiences negative emotions.

Your future self has SUPER shitty days.

Your future self goes through really ROUGH patches.

Your future self sometimes people pleases and energy manages and overthinks and gets sucked into anxiety spirals.

Your future self still has to deal with assholes and clean up messes.

The difference is, your future self doesn’t make it a big fucking deal.

Your future self KNOWS that half of the time everything is FLOWING and you feel ALIGNED and you’re seeing the things you want manifesting.

And the other half of the time things feel hard, like you’re moving in sludge and you have a hard time getting aligned and nothing seems to be happening.

Your future self knows life is both flowing AND growing.

During the hard growing parts of the path, when obstacles show up or things don’t seem to be working, your Future Self just allows it to be part of the process, and doesn’t call it WRONG.

Doesn’t try to FIX it.

Your future self allows it all, learns the lessons in growth and finds the golden nuggets in the flow.

You want to do this? Join my program Rewired. It’s designed to get you on your future self path QUICKLY and then STAY there forever. Moving forward. Relentlessly committed not just for the length of the program, for the length of your life.

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I’ve been working on my plans for 2023 and while nothing is set in stone, here’s what I’ll say. If you’ve been wanting to work with me in a personal way, like I KNOW you and your brain and your stories, I’d get into this round of rewired. Get into your future self mind and figure out the obstacles and GET there. You will NOT regret it. That I promise.

Love you so much gorgeous souls. See you next time.

– Kristen

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