Hello, Gorgeous Soul.

Today I’m talking about structure and routines.

Depending on who you are, you might be thinking something different.

You MIGHT be thinking: Kristen, I have TRIED the structure thing. I have tried all the routines and given up every single time.

You might be thinking: I’m NOT a structured kind of a person. I like to see where the day takes me and get my stuff done when the mood hits or when I’m feeling inspired.

You might be thinking: Kristen, I’m good. I am already naturally organized. I’ve got my shit together. I manage my time well.

Or you might be somewhere in between.

THIS episode is for EVERY ONE of you.

Today I’m sharing why structure and routine are non negotiable if you want to live a better life.

The reason being is NOT so you can become a little time management robot.

It’s so that you can align your every day life to the FUTURE you want to create.

Routines WILL create more INTENTION and ATTENTION on the areas of your life that you want to be more present in and will help you always be moving TOWARDS your future self.

Because Your time, without structure, disappears quickly.

Your days, left without these structure and routines, create a life full of unintentional results.

Today I’m going to share with you 3 routines that will change your life: a morning routine, an evening routine and intentional time blocking.

We’re going to TOUCH on these here and you can definitely use this podcast to get started.

But we’re going deep in my new 6 month coaching program, Rewired AF. I have thought about EVERYTHING my client needs to move from where they are to where they want to be and I’ve included it in this group. I’m going to teach you these tools and then You get my DIRECT support on creating them and troubleshooting and solidifying for 6 months.

Let’s start with morning routine.

A morning routine is essential, because how you start your day is EVERYTHING. MOST people start their day in reactive mode. They are waking up and JUMPING into their day. Checking their phones, checking their emails, seeing what happened in the NEWS overnight.

Starting your day without structure creates a day without direction.

Some people freak out about a morning routine. They have kids. They’re not a morning person. There mornings are already frantic. I don’t care.

You STILL need a morning routine, you just need to change the picture in your head about what a morning routine is supposed to BE.

I’m not talking about an elaborate 2 hour chunk of time where you leisurely move from journaling to meditation to yoga with your lemon water. Listen, if you have time for that DO YOUR THING, Honey.

But for the rest of you…your morning routine can be as quick as 2 minutes long.

It’s simply a deliberate CHOICE to not start your day in reactive mode: reading emails, scrolling social media, looking at the news…good GOD.

When you start here, you move your brain directly from SLEEPING to OMG THE DAY IS STARTING REACTIVE mode…instead of YOU being in charge of your day, you begin your day feeling like everyone ELSE is in charge, your kids, your dog, your boss, your work…and you feel out of control. As SOON as you wake up.

Your morning routine may simply consist of setting an intention, taking a few deep breaths, choosing YOU. Again, It can be as simple or as elaborate as you want.

When you join me in Rewired AF, you will create a morning routine that works WITH your brain, your life, your day. And then, you’ll practice it during our six months together so that you can tweak and troubleshoot instead of giving up. At the end of our six months your morning routine will just be something that you DO, not something you are trying.

So that’s the morning routine.

Now. In order to be ABLE to have a 2 minute or 20 minute or 2 hour morning routine, you’ve GOT to have a solid evening routine.

I will go down in history saying that your evening routine is WAY more important than your morning routine.

Some of you are thinking “I already have an evening routine that works” FANTASTIC. Let’s level it up.

But MAYBE you’re thinking “If I have ONE more thing to add to my plate, I may just melt into a puddle and dissolve. By the time I get to the end of my day, I am DONE”

And to YOU I say, “That just means that you need an evening routine even MORE”

It’s like one of my favorite sayings, You should sit and meditate for 20 minutes every day. Unless you’re busy and then you should sit for an hour.

If you feel like too exhausted to take time for an evening routine it’s because you need a evening routine.

I have NEVER had someone create a solid evening routine without them mentioning that it’s THE game changer.

The evening routine has 3 parts: celebrate, prepare and plan. Again, I’ll touch on the parts here, but we’’ll go WAY in depth when you join the class and get my direct coaching on it.

First you celebrate, because what you are likely doing NOW at the end of your day is making a mental list of everything you did wrong, everything you didn’t get to. Your brain goes to how you snapped at the kids or numbed out with some wine.

Your evening routine is a time to look for what WORKED. How many times you DIDN’T snap at the kids. How many things you DID get done. THIS will help you make changes in your life MUCH quicker than logging all your mess ups.

So, you start with celebration.

And THEN you look, with compassion and curiosity, at what didn’t work. Not to PUNISH yourself…So that you can PLAN something different for the next day.

WHY was I snapping at the kids… do I need more help from my partner? Do I need THEM to help more? Did I just need more sleep? Was it just a bad MOMENT?

Instead of beating yourself up and VOWING to do better, your evening routine lets you decide what to differently the next day.

Maybe you need to make sure to schedule in some alone time before the afternoon chaos…which I used to not so lovingly call “The Evil HOUR” begins.

Maybe you need to add PLEASURE into your day, for gods sake. So many people I talk to are pleasure DEPRIVED. Lighten it up with a dance party, a just for FUN podcast, or for me, a Topo Chico and seeing what all my favorite dogs on Instagram are doing.

You look at your day with curiosity, not judgement so that you can PLAN.

Planning includes time blocking, which ought to be taught as a mandatory skill to learn in kindergarten. Looking ahead, planning the next day.

And then Prepare. When you prepare you are doing as many things as you can tonight for your tomorrow morning self. THIS is how you’re able to make the morning routine possible. You are making as MANY decisions ahead of time as possible as an act of LOVE for your tomorrow morning self.

She will be so happy.

You get your coffee ready, make sure the kitchen is clean, set your clothes out so you don’t have to think or search.

You are LOVING on your tomorrow morning self so SHE or he can start the day feeling empowered instead of behind.

GAME changer.

And last, but NOT least in the routines and structures that will align your days with the life you WANT:

Intentional TIME BLOCKING.

I made a rule long ago that I don’t teach the specifics of time blocking unless I have a stretch of time with the person I am teaching. Because while time blocking IS a time management tool, it’s really a SELF CARE tool that, when used well, will change your damn life.

And what happens if I don’t have TIME with the person I’m teaching is that they will try and do it, think they’re doing it wrong and quit. They’ll think it’s too hard and they’ll quit. They’ll think they don’t know HOW and they’ll quit.

And you can’t QUIT. It’s TOO important.

Intentional Time Blocking is the ULTIMATE self care, self worth tool.

Yes, you will be more efficient with your time. You will feel more organized. You will get MORE done, actually.

But those are perks compared to the life changing benefits.

First it creates time and BALANCE.

A few years ago I was working with a client on time blocking. We inputted all the appointments, all the tasks that needed to get done…gave them a specific time in the calendar. And then I said, “Ok, next you put in down time or fun time.”

And she was like “I’m allowed to schedule DOWN time?”

Ummmm…not just allowed. It’s a MUST. What do we know for SURE? That if you are burnt out, you are LESS efficient. YOU must be the priority in your life. When YOU are taking care of yourself, you are 1000% a better version of yourself.

And you don’t do that without intentionally creating that time.

Next life changing benefit: How would you feel if you woke up every morning knowing exactly how every minute of your day is going to be spent.

This is my life. Now listen. Some of you are like THAT sounds extreme. Like I’m not interested in being some robot that is busy all day long.

UGH. Me neither. Not only does that sound like a nightmare but that is the OPPOSITE of who I am. I used to BALK at things like intentional time blocking because I am too free spirited for this structure.

Except I didn’t feel like I had TIME to be free spirited because I had so much shit that never got done. And I felt GUILTY because I never had my shit together which doesn’t feel very free spirited.

So no. I’m not pushing that narrative of busy, hustle, be productive or be lazy mentality.

But I do wake up knowing exactly what I’m doing from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep. I know when I’ll be answering emails. I know when I’ll run to the store. I know what I’ll be having for lunch. AND I know when I’m off the clock and have NOTHING to do but whatever I want. I have A LOT of that time because of intentional time blocking.

Intentional time blocking creates FREEDOM.
Third, it is a WINDOW into what matters. If you want to see what future you are creating….look at your schedule. Are YOU on the list? Are you an after thought? If you want to take better care of your health, how much time is dedicated to it? If you want to rewire old thought patterns, how much time is spent dedicated to that? If you want to reach a goal in your career or start a business or whatever…how much INTENTIONAL time are you committing to?
If you want to stop living in survival mode, does your day REFLECT that?

Intentional time blocking is not a black/white tool. It’s an ART.

I want to invite you to join Rewired AF and I will not just teach you these tools in detail, I will help you create the structures and routines that work for YOU. We will brainstorm and troubleshoot and find the ways that work WITH your brain, not against it. And when you doubt yourself, when you overthink it, when you want to QUIT because you think you’re doing it wrong and you need to get past the perfectionist mindset. I will be there to catch you and coach you. Our group starts together on September 14th. We go farther together. ALWAYS.

Go to kristenfinch.com . Sign up for a free call where I’ll answer all your questions and help you through any fears and doubts you have. Because six months from now, you will either be a little bit closer or WAY closer to a life you LIKE and the future you WANT.

Love you so much.

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OK, love you so much. See you SOON!

In this foundational episode, you will learn that:

  1. Calm is a feeling. Calm AF is a way of being
  2. Calm AF isn’t a new thing to learn because it’s already there, wired into you
  3. Becoming calm AF is a return to trusting yourself, believing in yourself, and loving yourself deeply

Grab some coffee and give it a listen. You got this. And I got you.

– Kristen


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