You are not here to be stressed AF until you die.

I know you know this at a conscious level. But you haven’t figured out how to make it the way you live. You haven’t figured out how to stop going through the motions for more than a few days at a time. You haven’t figured out how to really prioritize yourself without getting exhausted and just going back to your old ways.

In order to be good, to be safe, to make people happy, you saw what they needed you to be was different than who you actually are.

So, off you went. A lifetime of trying to smoosh yourself into different boxes of who you are “supposed” to be.

Trying to be that version of “good” as defined by whoever was in front of you. Trying to be the perfect human so you would never have to feel less-than again.

Except… it hasn’t worked.

You still feel, after all these years of trying to be whatever everyone else needs you to be, that you’re missing something. Because – even though you know who you’re “supposed” to be, even though you know what you’re supposed to look like, act like, be like, even though you know (expert level!) how to smoosh yourself into the box of expectations –

It’s becoming clearer and clearer….

You don’t fit in the fucking box.

You feel this in your bones. But you’re not sure how to leave the box, to avoid getting into new boxes. The fear of being judged is so strong, the box feels so safe.

I see you.

I see you.

I SEE YOU, Gorgeous Soul.

Here….take my hand.

It is POSSIBLE to step out…for good. To do the things you’ve been scared to do. To say the things you’ve been scared to say.

To BE who you really are.

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Rewired AF 2021 Teaser

Here’s the process.


First, you have to take the rules you’ve learned from other people telling you who you are supposed to be and disprove them.  You’ve got to learn your brain backwards, forwards, inside & out so you don’t keep repeating the same patterns.


You’ve got to tap back into who you really are – align with your Future Self who’s living unapologetically as your truest self – and let her teach you how she thinks.


Commit to becoming her and practice every day (on the good days AND the bad). You’ve got to have a safe place and a support system to lean on while you are transforming this mindset.


And then one day you’re just doing it. Setting boundaries. Speaking up. LIVING your life, not just going through the motions.

No being hard on yourself.

I’m not interested in teaching you these things and then allowing you to be hard on yourself.

We’re doing it differently in Rewired AF.

We’re going to lighten UP about life. More laughing. More connecting. More delighting.

You got this. And I got you.

All of it.

At every step, I got you.

Rewired AF is the culmination of the very best parts of everything I’ve offered since 2013.

  • It’s the bite-sized nuggets of inspiration of 21-Day Rewire (PLUS the playlists!)
  • It’s the “this is the only place I feel FREE” support system of my Communities
  • It’s the calm energy of the Workshops
  • It’s the “my brain on your brain” attention of 1:1 Coaching

Here’s what you get with Rewired AF:


We will spend 4 days together learning, connecting and RESTING. Everything is included: food, drinks, your private bedroom, the coaching, the conversations. You are responsible for getting yourself to the house in Gatlinburg, Tennessee (closest airport is Knoxville) and let US take care of the rest. During our retreat you will lay the foundation, set the goals, decide who you are BECOMING…and create a plan for exactly how to implement it.

Weekly Group Coaching

Once you’ve gotten your goals and obstacles defined during the retreat, we’ll spend the next several months practicing it in REAL LIFE.

You are going to vacillate between feeling like it’s amazing and feeling like it’s impossible. THIS is why you need a coach. Because I know your brain and I know exactly what this process looks like. I’ve been guiding people through this process for nearly a decade; I KNOW how to get you there. The weekly coaching sessions are an opportunity for you to get coached AND see others being coached – so you’ll get farther, faster.

Private Community Page

Something I know for SURE is that having a safe, loving SUPPORT system while doing this work is GOLD. When you have felt alone and misunderstood for so long, finding people whose ONLY JOB is to just love you for who you are is PRICELESS. Come to the page for coaching, to celebrate, to connect.


Rewired AF 2021 Teaser


You’ve tried to step out of the box MANY times before. But as soon as someone pushes back or life gets busy or someone judges you…you retreat back to the safety of the familiar.

The ONLY way to stop this pattern is to commit at a level that tells the Universe, “Oh shit! She’s serious!”

I take your transformation as seriously as I take my own. But I can’t want it more than you do. I can’t manifest your future for you.

To get what you want, you’ve got to STRETCH. Do something differently than you’ve done before, but not dip your toe in.

Dive the fuck in.

This experience is a Time Commitment.

We’ll meet one time a week, every week, for the next 6 months in addition to the Rewired AF live workshops. And, we will have daily practice exercises.

This experience is a Financial Commitment.

$5000 USD. Paid in full. For some of you going out and figuring out how to make this work will be your very first transformation – your very first declaration of “I am DOING this” to the Universe. (She LOVES and rewards a bold moment!)

This experience is an energetic commitment.

The only way to become your UNCAGED self is to create space for it. To let yourself be guided by your intuition. To allow the feelings. To rest. To play. To exhale. To set boundaries. To believe that the Universe is rooting for you instead of fighting you.

If your brain is already telling you ALL the reasons you can’t commit to this (time, financial or energetically), then I want you to ask yourself these questions:

  • How much longer am I willing to wait to step into my future self?
  • Who benefits from me staying the same? Why is THEIR happiness more important than mine?
  • If I *knew* this experience would change not just MY future, but future generations, would I do whatever it takes to make it happen?


I had more than 10 years of therapy before I started working with Kristen. While I’m not knocking the therapy, it was nothing like the self transformation I have had in just 6 months of working with Kristen.  I have never had someone see me so clearly and see the thoughts that were getting in my way.  She truly has a gift at being able to hold space for your emotions in such a compassionate way, while also not letting you wallow in being a victim and showing you how to take action to actually change your life. The tools that Kristen has taught me are invaluable and I cannot express how lucky I feel to be able to work with Kristen and have her in my corner everyday. Taking the leap to work with Kristen has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. – Amy

I thought about calling Kristen for a little over 2 years, but finally made the plunge after I was desperate! My relationship was about over, I was zoning out, drinking too much, my 8 kids were driving me crazy & I couldn’t manage to keep up with daily responsibilities. I’d tried many things to help my marriage & none worked. It was my last ditch effort calling Kristen. If that didn’t work, nothing would!

I’m soooo glad I made that call. Kristen has helped me transform my life! My relationship has never been better, I’ve started on my goals, my business had a record breaking month, I keep a (mostly) clean house and I am who I want to be most of the time.

Not only do I work with Kristen personally (currently on my second 6 months of coaching), I also listen to her podcasts almost daily. I know if I’m struggling with anything I can just turn on a podcast and get back on track!

Kristen is a perfect balance of gentle, loving and also take no bullshit. She holds space for me and calls me out on my stuff when needed. Sometimes we just talk and talk, but through that she gets me and shows up for me constantly. I have very strong opinions on some controversial topics, yet I’d never know if she agrees or disagrees because she doesn’t show it. Not allowing personal opinions to stand in the way of helping people is so important & she does it with such grace! It’s rather amazing!

Kristen is out here shpwing up, helping people become the best version of themselves & transform their lives. I can’t say enough about her, I could go on all day! I highly recommend her to EVERYONE I come into contact with! – Lara

I reached out to Kristen after listening to her in an interview about empowering women, this lead me to her fabulous podcast. After binge listening for an entire weekend I reached out for a consultation.

At first I was nervous, I wanted to leave my old ways of coping behind me, it didn’t help me anymore, let’s be honest it never did. It seemed ridiculous that thoughts were behind my bad relationship choices, my food choices and issues with my body. Changing my thoughts was too easy and too “woo” to actually alter my life. I wanted change, I wanted to not be stuck in a cycle of emotional eating and unemotional relationships, but I didn’t know where to start.

Enter Kristen. The woman that has become my friend whilst also being my unabashed cheerleader. The blonde super smiley sarcastic American that makes me smile and relax before making me delve deep into my limiting self beliefs. She showed me such comfort and companionship that when the big things came out I felt supported to uncover them and begin to let them go. This glorious woman showed me consistency when I didn’t know what it was, when I didn’t want it, when I tried to fight against it and when I needed it most.

It’s scary putting yourself first, it can feel daunting and self serving, but working with Kristen is one of the best things I have ever done. I am more centred because of this work, I feel more peaceful and confident. It isn’t easy, it isn’t a straight line of accomplishment and it is the quite simply the best gift you can give yourself. – Lucie


Here are some FAQs to help you further:

“I’m afraid I won’t get what I need in a group. Will it be as helpful as 1:1?”

I totally get this one. When I first started out in this world, I was SURE that I needed the undivided attention of my coach because MY problems were private, MY problems were unique, MY problems were different than other peoples.

I say this with ALL the love in my heart…YOU are not as special as you think. I mean, you are. SO SO special. But the things that you are struggling with…whether it’s your relationships, your body, your business, your day to day life, your husband, your mom, your sister, your dog….it ALL comes down to the same patterns of thought.

The specifics may be different but the process is the SAME. Unlearn, rewire, integrate, become. No matter what.

Sidenote: I actually PREFER being coached in a group setting because EVERY time I get to observe someone else breaking through limiting beliefs, I can apply it to my OWN growth.

“The thought of investing this much money in MYSELF seems ridiculous/impossible. Am I worth this?

Listennn…I get it. EVERY time I put down a major chunk of change for something that seems like it’s JUST for me (coaching, clothes, getaways, etc), my brain tries to talk me out of it:

That’s selfish. You shouldn’t spend money on yourslef. Spending this on myself is TAKING AWAY from my family.

That’s irresponsible. What if you need that money for something else, like an emergency or taxes.

You just don’t have this kind of money sitting around. It’s impossible

Every. Single. Time.

As someone who has invested MANY times when it seemed ridiculous or impossible, let me tell you this: it is always worth it.

“What if it doesn’t work?”

What if it DOES? What if you DECIDED that this six month experience WILL work? What if you decided that you will MAKE it work? What if, instead of looking for the potential for things to go wrong, you look for what would happen if it went RIGHT? (Look at you already rewiring!)

“What if I have to miss a call?”

All the calls will be recorded and delivered via email within 48 hours of the class.

You get one chance at this precious life.

If you want to feel free…




Calm AF…

You’ve got to get Rewired AF.