Hello, Gorgeous Soul.

I’m Kristen Finch, a mindset coach and host of Calm AF, a podcast that will change your life. I empower women and men to stop overthinking, ditch their anxiety, and silence their fear. Because when you get calm AF, you will be happier and more successful, and you will finally live an empowered life that you LOVE.

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You are not here to be stressed AF until you die. You are not here to hold onto anxiety, or fear, or shame. You are not here to smush yourself into all the little boxes people expect you to live in.

You are here to live the life you were meant to LIVE.

I know you know this at a conscious level. But you haven’t yet figured out how to make it the way you live.

You haven’t figured out how to stop going through the motions for more than a few days at a time. You haven’t figured out how to really prioritize yourself without getting exhausted or going back to your old habits.

This is exactly why I created Rewired AF, an intensive and proven coaching program designed to get you back to who you really are – that calm, confident, and happy AF person who lives that kickass life they adore.