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Do you have this niggling feeling that you aren’t doing the thing you’re really here to do?


Or maybe it’s more than a niggling…maybe you’re fed UP with the current situation and are ready for your next “thing”.


Either way, you’re gonna want to join me for this SUPER fun Girls Night Out.


Level Up is an all-inclusive workshop that’s going to help you move the needle from meh to YESSSS!


I’m going to help you navigate your way out of the parts of your life that are weighing you down and show you how to LEVEL UP and become the next version of you.


The YOU that you’re becoming.


All over dinner + drinks.



Is this you?


You KNOW you’re ready for a change. You KNOW there’s something that isn’t setting quite right. You find yourself thinking “Is this REALLY it?” followed by crushing feelings of guilt, because…you’re life is pretty great…shouldn’t you just be grateful?


Maybe you aren’t fulfilled doing what you’re doing right now. Maybe you aren’t taking very good care of yourself. Maybe you’ve TRIED to make these changes before and they’ve never stuck. Maybe you just feel MEH and you’re ready to level UP.


Whatever your current situation, I got you, girl. I’ve been where you are right now and I am obsessed with getting women out of their heads and out of their ruts so they can level up and save the damn world.


Here’s what you’ll get from Level Up:


big yummy dinner (dietary restrictions? No problem. I’ll email you a welcome and you can let me know then.)

big yummy drinks: water, pop, wine + beer

REAL talk: Listen, you’re a busy woman…so we’re going to SKIP the small talk and go straight to the deep convo.

science + magic: There’s room for both. We’ll talk neuroplasticity and mantras, cognitive rewiring and manifesting.

direction, inspiration, and a plan: In our short time together, you’re going to discover who the Leveled Up version of you is, you will know what needs to go and what you need to add to make it happen. Yes, you will.

new friends: Listen, making friends as an adult isn’t easy. Making friends as an adult with people who want to go deep and not gossip or small talk? It’s like a unicorn. But you’ll meet them here.


Date: November 10th

Time: 6ish-10ish 

Place: Cultivate Yoga Studio in McHenry, IL (we aren’t going to be doing yoga but you’re going to want to come the next morning for class after you see the AMAZING classes they offer)


Bring yourself, bring your friends, bring your appetite and bring your DESIRE to finish 2018 on a high, to know EXACTLY how you’re going to move out of the current version and into the next version of YOU…the one you’ve been waiting for.


Tickets are $199 and include all food, all beverages, and the complete workshop.


I only have 20 spots 12 spots available so grab your spot quickly!


Buy Now!



Refund policy: I don’t do refunds for live events. You can sell your ticket, but once you buy, you’re in. I love you, but no exceptions. xo