I REFUUUUUUSE to crawl into 2019 feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.


I refuse to run myself ragged and feel tired and resentful and angry.

And I want YOU to refuse to feel like this too.

No matter what you are feeling now, no matter what the year has felt like, you do NOT have to end the year feeling LESS than high vibe.

Let’s COMMIT…you and me…to ending 2018 (a rough year for so many of us) on a HIGH note and have MOMENTUM moving into 2019.

If you want 2019 to be the year you create a life you are head over heels in love with…START NOW.

I gathered some of my favorite things….things that make me feel however I want to feel in the moment and am sharing them with you.

If you want to feel INSPIRED:

~ Read an inspiring story

Of course I had to include this bookbecause I STILL get emails from women nearly every week about how this book gave them hope and inspired them to change their lives. This message inspires me every day. Also, the author is super cute.




Or this:

Whether you are an Obama fan or not, this book tells the story of a girl from the south side of Chicago who had goals and dreams and not only made them happen…achieved things she couldn’t have even imagined!! (THIS is manifesting at it’s best!)



~ Get out into nature

There is nothing more inspiring then getting out into nature and just allowing the magic of it all to take over. Put your shoes on and find your nearest hiking trail and let God inspire you! (This gorgeous house is where I’m taking my retreaters next month! Talk about inspiring!!!)




~ Journal

If you don’t write down what you WANT, what you CRAVE, what you DESIRE…how will you know how to get there? This is the exact journalI used to create the life I’m loving now! Colorado, happy marriage, more money, dream business.



~ Hire a life coach (that’s me!)

You wanna know what my superpower is??? Makeovers! Not the kind of makeovers that include makeup or haircuts…LIFE makeovers.I help women who feel overwhelmed, resentful, unhappy in their relationships create lives that they are HEAD over HEELS in love with. It’s my zone of genius because I did it for myself…stopped waiting for my circumstances to change,….stopped waiting for permission….stopped waiting for other people to change…and I did it myself. If you are ready to stop wishing and start creating…apply for a spot here. We’ll hop on the phone and see if it’s a good match (and I PROMISE I’m not pushy on this call….that is NOT my jam…I ONLY work with people who are 100% IN).

If you want to feel ZEN/BLISS:

~ Pay attention to your house

If you walk into your house and feel anything less than YES, you need to take care of your home. Your home is either supporting you or draining you and if it’s draining you…your energy is going to sink.I am a HUGE fan of Amanda Gibby Peter’swork. I intuitively decluttered my house years before I met her, but she took my  house love to another level. I LOVE her workbooks (50% off for the entire bundle until FRIDAYYY!!!! OMG!) that you can get here, but…for the ULTIMATE…BOOK A CONSULT. She will blow. your. mind.


~ Get better sleep


The first thing I always tell my clients when we begin working together is to get SLEEP. Without proper sleep EVERYTHING is harder, especially keeping your moods and energy UP.  Look at these adorable relax kitsmade with LOVE and SUPER HIGH VIBES by my good friend Beckee. I love them so much.


If you want to feel HAPPIER:

~Listen to music that makes you happy


Music is MAGIC. I have playlists to inspire ANY feeling I want…whether I need to get pumped up for work or need to have a good cry….there’s a playlist for that. Spotify makes it super duper easy. Here’s my favorite HAPPY playlist.


~ Connect with people who bring you UP

Listen. If you aren’t spending the MAJORITY of your time with people who make you feel BETTER when you’re around them, FIND NEW PEOPLE. Call your best friend. Schedule a real in-person date with your favorite person. Be brave and introduce yourself to someone you admire!


Let’s finish SO strong!!

HELLOOOOOO!  I’m Kristen and I help women have better relationships  and create lives that they are head over heels in LOVE with. Because life is TOO damn short for anything else. Other things: I am obsessed with sweaters with leggings, I’m almost always happy, and I express myself best through gifs.

Current mood :

Goodbye 2018!!

Ready to create a life you are head over heels in love with?? 

 I can help:

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2.  1:1 mentoring. We’ll figure out what you want, we’ll come up with a plan to get you there and I will be right by your side every step of the way. I’m currently accepting applications to work together for 6 months or 12 months for 2019. Book a no-obligationcall here and we’ll see if this is right for you!