“We don’t increase our baseline energy by struggling or trying so hard or doing the most or doing it best. We do it by allowing. It’s that simple. For me, it is easy to raise my vibration when I put myself in high-vibe situations: celebrations, concerts, nature. BUT. I can’t spend all my time attending celebrations, going to concerts, or communing with nature. So, the other way I’m able to boost my baseline is to live grounded in what my soul knows matters: love, natural joy, connection. And I can do that almost anywhere, almost anytime.”

Episode 207

Increasing Your Baseline Energy

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Hello, Gorgeous Soul.

I went to a concert last weekend. But not just any concert. Brandi Carlile…BRANDI CARLILE who I think is one of the best storytellers and finest musicians out there.

Guess who opened for her? OH…just the motherfucking INDIGO GIRLS. The OG! The queens. They were just as amazing as they’ve always been.

Also? If you don’t know Allison Russell, get to know her. You’ll thank me later. Her energy is GORGEOUS, and joyful.

So, as if that weren’t good enough, the concert was at Red Rocks. If you’ve never had the opportunity to do a show at red rocks, please put it on your last, with the disclaimer that you will forever be ruined for any other arena. There is NOTHING like it. If you don’t know Red Rocks, it’s an open air amphitheater that was built in, basically a gap in a rock formation. The acoustics in this space just HAPPENED to be perfect, you get to enjoy the show under the moon and stars, see the Denver skyline behind the stage. We happen to live like 20 minutes away so literally it’s HARD for me to ever get tickets to see shows anywhere else.

So Brandi Carlile, the Indigo Girls at Red Rocks under the full moon and the BEST part? I was with my daughter Emily.

I wish everyone could experience Emily. She has taught me more about what it means to love FULLY than any other teachers I’ve ever sat in a room with. And I’ve been taught by some big name teachers.

The energy of this night was absolutely what my soul needed.

Putting myself in high-vibe situations is the easiest way I know to increase my baseline energy.

To say it’s been a rough couple of years is an understatement. For me, for all of us. For anyone decent. I know I’m not the only one who has been worn down to the bones by the last few years. Trying to keep myself ok so that I can take care of my people has been basically a full time job.

And here’s what Saturday night reminded me of two things.

First, It’s easier to raise my vibration when I put myself in high vibe situations.

Second, those high vibe situations are almost always centered around what my soul knows matters.

So let me talk about the first point.

And I’ll just say it pretty simply: Who you are IS the high vibration, calm AF energy being. That is who you ACTUALLY are.

The feeling state I had at the concert was LOVE and JOY.

That’s what was flowing through my veins, LOVE. The love I have for Emily, for being able to share this experience with her. The LOVE that everyone else had flowing through their veins. We were all outside, it had been raining all day and stopped RIGHT before the doors opened, so it was cool but not cold. The moon was full and everyone was there for the same reason. To CELEBRATE. To let the music do the heavy lifting, as music does. I talk about that ALL the time. It’s the reason I always am making playlists for myself, my clients, my groups. Music can change a frequency easier and quicker than just about anything I can think of.

The musicians clearly LOVED what they were doing. I mean, DUH. Doing what they love at Red Rocks.

And the JOY. Omgosh, so this podcast episode isn’t just a brandi carlile love fest I promise, but the JOY that she absolutely exuded while she was performing. Her bandmates exuded joy. The strings, the drummer, the keyboardist, the backup singers, abundant JOY.

I always say energy does NOT lie. It can spot bullshit a mile away. THIS joy was pure and abundant and true.

We often have nights like this and think “Oh man! I need to do that more, that felt great.” Or “I wish I could do that every night” or we go home floating on a cloud VOWING that we’ll stay in that feeling state more from now on.

And then life happens and we get home and there’s dishes in the sink or your partner’s in a bad mood or whatever.

And so we go back to TRYING. Trying to move our energy from LOW to HIGH. We think a lot about it. What are the things that we need to CHANGE in order to not feel so heavy all the time.

Our baseline is low energy and we spend 90% of the time trying to figure out how to raise it up.

But here’s the thing.

The reason why those magical nights feel so good is because THAT is our natural state. We are all created from the same source, from love. And our natural state is JOY. It feels RIGHT. It feels like HOME. It feels familiar even though you don’t spend a ton of time here. If you are wanting to create a life that feels better MORE, that feels lighter, that feels less heavy, you’ve GOT to boost the baseline. And we don’t increase our baseline energy by STRUGGLING. We do it by allowing.

My clients are usually high achievers, people pleasers, perfectionists. They always want me to give them homework. How can I work hard on this this week, Kristen? Is there extra credit homework? How can I be the BEST at transforming my life?

It’s one of the first things I have to help my clients move through, that HARD WORK is NOT how we manifest.

I’m not saying we don’t do work or hard things. What I mean is that if you want to change your BASELINE from low heavy energy to higher lighter energy, you simply need to spend MORE time doing things that allow you to slip into that “ahhhh that felt good” feeling.

Where it’s not coming because you got praised or validated, because you did the MOST work that day, but simply because you were aligned with your natural state.

I tell my clients I would MUCH rather you go for a walk than spend 30 minutes thinking about how to set that boundary. I’d MUCH rather you turn on Spotify and dance and sing than sit and try and come up things to put in your gratitude journal. I’d rather you or go laugh your ass off at a show or have one of those releasing cries you get from the freaking reunion videos on instagram or tiktok — you know the ones — than make the perfect TO DO list.

LISTEN. It’s SO much easier to figure things out when your baseline is HIGHER.

No one wants to believe me. Yeah that’s GREAT kristen. But let’s be real. You don’t reach your goals without energy managing, people pleasing and perfectionism. You DO. Omg YOU DO and it’s SO much more fun.

Now obviously we can’t go to Brandi Carlile concerts every night, right? We can’t have amazing life changing experiences every day. Some days you barely have time to brush your teeth let alone have time for something amazing. Which brings me to my next point:

The other way I’m able to increase my baseline energy is to live grounded in what my soul knows matters: love, natural joy, connection. And I can do that almost anywhere, almost anytime.

Here’s the truth. And ANYONE who’s in this special club that I’m in knows it’s true knows without a DOUBT that it’s true even though we forget it.

The truth is the things that ACTUALLY matter are incredibly simple and ridiculously accessible. The things that REALLY matter are loving others and being loved. The thing that REALLY matters is your people.

Now, the special club. I share this with my clients who are also in the special club. It’s the WORST best club. This club is for people who’ve been through something horrendous, something where the person they love the most dies or those people who’ve been close to their own deaths, either sickness or injury.

There is a clarity that comes from being in this special club. Nobody wants to be in the club, we’d all happily give back lesson for the person, but the truth is you’re in it – and learning what REALLY matters and being able to live the rest of your life with that knowledge IS a gift.

In the end you will not care how much money you made, how much debt you had, what your house looked like.

You will not care what you looked like in those jeans or whether or not you should eat a banana (my diet culture survivors get that one) because it doesn’t actually matter.

What matters is how many minutes you were feeling LOVE, from your people. What matters is how many minutes you were LOVING people.

It matters how many minutes you spent CONNECTED to your natural state of LOVE and JOY.

Last week I was taking with a client who one of her dearest friends died very suddenly and unexpectedly. And she kept talking about how this woman was SO connected to her kids. Like if she wasn’t with her kids she was thinking about when she could get back to them. In my mind, I was thinking “Yeah, her soul knew she didn’t have as much time with them”. I remember when my fiancé died I was like “ohhhhhhh. THAT’S why he everything felt so urgent. Why he couldn’t let ANY experience pass him by. Why we couldn’t ever sleep in on a freaking weekend. His soul knew and was trying to fit a lifetime into 25 years.

I know I bring him up randomly but Bob Saget is such a good example. What EVERYONE said about him was just how FREELY he shared his love, how unconditionally he loved.

THAT is what mattered to people and to him. The success was great. But he KNEW what actually mattered was the connection, the love, the joy.

Please don’t take this as like “You need to stop doing things and just be with your kids just in case something happens.” Or “I have to do all the things I’ve been meaning to do RIGHT NOW.”

That’s just not how most of us are gonna roll. We’re gonna get annoyed after spending 20 minutes trying to LOVE our person and they’re in a bad mood or busy.

Let’s keep this message super simple.

At your core you ARE love. Your natural state is joy. The more time you spend feeling connected to that love and joy, the more familiar that will be and your baseline will shift.

And it doesn’t have to be complicated or extraordinary. You don’t have to win a Nobel prize or be a famous musician. Because that will be COOL but NOT what mattered to you in the end.

What will matter is ALL the minutes spent connected to your natural state of love and joy.

At your core you ARE love. Your natural state is joy. The more time you spend feeling connected to that love and joy, the more familiar that will be and your baseline will shift.

If you want to CREATE more of this, raise your baseline…Rewired AF is how. This is what we’re doing in rewired. First at the retreat you spend like several CONSECUTIVE days of feeling connected to love and joy so you remember how that flow feels in your body and then 3 months of REMEMBERING to stay connected instead of forgetting again.

Enrollment for the next round will open soon. You can visit kristenfinch.com/rewiredaf to get more information.

– Kristen

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