“When you’re in the middle of a thought spin out, your mind’s brakes are overridden by the nervous system. So let’s talk about how to resume control.”

Episode 279

How to Stop a Thought Spin-Out (Replay!)

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Hello, Gorgeous Soul.

Let’s talk about thought spin-outs. This is when one anxious fear thought shows up, and before you can grab the thought to manage it, it’s already spun off to another thought – and another thought and another thought. Thought spinouts feel like anxiety, they feel out of control.

Most of the time in a spin out, the thoughts are fast and furious. They feel very very urgent and very very true and your sympathetic nervous system is like “looks like we’ve got a major emergency happening….let’s shut off all the higher level thinking and just survive here.”

Once that sympathetic nervous system is activated, the thoughts aren’t in your control. Not until your body signals that the emergency is over. Today, I’m sharing how to regain control in the middle of a spin-out and stay calm AF.

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