This is my great great great grandmother, Melinda.

She had 11 kids, outlived 3 husbands and smoked a pipe.


Does it GET any more badass than that???


My grandma turned 102 in September. She has outlived 2 husbands and one son.


She recently complained to her doctor that she is experiencing double vision.


After a thorough examination and testing, her doctor told her, “Mildred, you are 102 years old and you read a book a day. Your eyes are tired.”


How badass is that?


I come from a long line of strong badass women and they inspire me on the daily.


All of the things they did allowed ME to live this life I’m living…I can vote, I run my own business, I have control over what I do with my body.


They showed up for themselves, they fought for themselves so that I could have this life.


And I am committed to showing up for MYSELF so that my kids, my grandkids, my great great great grandchildren can look at a picture of me and say “She taught women how to empower themselves, to take care of themselves, to stand in their power, to create lives that they LOVED…how badass is that?”


So here’s my question for you:


What will be your legacy?


10 years ago, my kids would’ve described me as exhausted, unhealthy, easily annoyed and kind-of tuned out.


NO bueno.


So I changed that. I decided how I wanted to be showing up in my life, how I wanted my marriage to look, how I wanted my body to feel, how I wanted my days to flow.


I picked ONE area to transform.


I used my life coach for accountability and to call me out on my shit (when I wanted to give up or had a bad day).


If you don’t like the reputation you’re leaving, change it. Now.


Don’t wait anymore.


  1. Decide what you want your life to look like. Visualize it as if it’s already here.
  2. Take one baby step TOWARDS that life every day.
  3. Have an accountability partner that will NOT let you give up.


What do you want your great great great grandchildren to say about you? Or your own children, for that matter?


What kind of life do you want to create so that they look back at a picture of you and say, “Does it GET any more badass than that??”

If you want to make 2019 the year that you stop THINKING about the goals you have for yourself and start CREATING the legacy you want to create, I want to help you.

This year I have a goal to work 1:1 with 10 women for a full YEAR to make 2019 their BEST year ever.


You will move from where you are now towards where you want to be and I will be RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE, every step of the way, every obstacle, every bump in the road.

I will NOT let this be another year you give up on what YOU want.

This is not a coaching package, this is a year-long EXPERIENCE, with virtual retreats and in-person retreats and so much progress.

I LOVE getting all up in your business and showing you what’s possible.

Wanna know more? Just click here and we’ll hop on the phone to talk more about it. (Don’t be afraid to click this…it’s an AMAZING message to the Universe that, no matter if you work with me or not, you’re DOING this!)

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