Hello, Gorgeous Soul.

So I had a very different episode planned for today and I’m pushing it off because I have a different message that pushed it’s way to the front of the line.

That’s how I roll, by the way. I make plans, I have schedules but I KNOW that they are always subject to being rearranged or ditched if an energetic idea pushes its way to the top.

This isn’t the topic, but if YOU happen to be a person like me who has the best laid plans written out beautifully on a piece of paper and then by the END of that plan, the plan doesn’t look anything at all like the original….WHO FREAKING CARES? Leave yourself alone. Stop judging yourself for this. We are not all wired to be plan followers. Some of us are designed to be plan tweakers, plan disruptors, plan breakers, ok?

You can STILL follow through. I am LIVING proof of this. Working WITH how I’m wired instead of trying to fit into how some EXPERT tells me I should, I am a CONSISTENT follow through-er on the things that really matter to me. But if they DON’T matter to me, I trust that that’s ok. I have detached worthiness from productivity and THAT is a game changer.

WHICH Is a topic for another day. Because the MESSAGE that has pushed its way to the front of the line is a little strange, but I HAVE to talk to you about Bob Saget.

Now listen, I KNOW Betty White just died too and she is one of my HEROES, she’s always one of my pretend board of directors the pretend group of people who I guide me on making decisions or how to show up.

Betty is a GODDESS. A trailblazer. No better word for her…she blazed a thousand trails so other people came after her, whether it was women in entertainment, caring for animals, being a good human.

But Bob Saget was NOT on my pretend board of directors. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Bob Saget. I grew up watching full house and AFV, And then rewatched Full House and AFV when my kids were little and then Fuller House.

We LOVED Danny Tanner. But I wasn’t a die hard fan.

But I am now.

Because as the news broke of his death this weekend, the people paying tribute to him were so kind but you know…people usually say nice things about someone when they die.

But more and more and more, people were sharing that he wasn’t just kind.

He was exceptionally kind.

He was exceptionally loving.

They were exceptionally heartbroken.

The stories coming out were He never ended a conversation without saying he loved me, at LEAST once.

He was so demonstrative of his love.

To me it sounded like he allowed himself to be vulnerable with people…

And it really got me thinking.

What legacy will I leave?

What legacy do I WANT to leave?

What do I hope people say about me when I’m gone?

I really want people to say the same things about me that they are saying about Bob Saget.

This is truly the weirdest episode ever and that is not something I ever thought would come out of my mouth.

I looked up the definition for legacy.

I figured it was something about how you are remembered or what reputation you leave behind.

And that’s part of it.

But the other part made my hair stand up.

Another interpretation or definition of the word is the gift you leave for future generations.

Something I’m CONSTANTLY telling my clients is you are doing this to improve your life, but by you BECOMING the human who steps into her full power changes YOUR life for sure, but it also changes future generations.

YOU could be the person who breaks the people pleasing pattern in your family.

YOU could be the person who stops the “be hard on yourself” or “Put yourself last” or “money is evil” narrative and creates a WHOLE new family story.

I think about that ALL the time. The work I’m doing has changed my entire life top to bottom, made its so much better. But my WHY is for my kids. And THEIR kids. And THEIR kids.

SO here are some questions I want you to TRULY reflect on?

What is the legacy YOU want to create?

Who is the version of you who is LIVING that legacy now?

What are the gaps between who you are now and who that person is?

For me, I want to be more demonstrative in my love. I sometimes hold back a bit. I KNOW what that requires of me is to go EVEN DEEPER in my old story that it’s not SAFE to be vulnerable with my coach.

I want to be a little bolder, even MORE authentic because I still struggle with watering myself down. That too, requires, some coaching to see what thoughts I’m still holding onto with my old people pleasing approval seeking ways.

I am a constant work in progress people.


Listen. If you’ve been with me for more than 5 minutes or more than one episode, you KNOW that my whole JAM is life is precious.

And I don’t say it to be a downer, I say it so that you can choose INTENTIONALLY to be ALIVE while you’re alive.

There’s NO better time than now to create the legacy you WANT to create. What do you need to DO to create that? What do you need to let go of? Other people’s opinions? Shame? Doubt? Fear? What do you need to add more of? Joy? Laughing? Journaling?

You are right now creating your legacy.

Do you LIKE it?

Are you living the way you WANT to? So that people, not even when you’re gone, but NOW think “Oh man, she really LOVED BIG.”

And if not?

Do not spend ONE SINGLE MINUTE beating yourself up about it. Don’t go there. You will waste time.

Instead, decide.

Answer those questions. What do I need to do TODAY to take steps towards ensuring I am creating the life and the legacy I WANT?

Alright Gorgeous Soul.

Lighten Up. Have Fun and it’s done.

That’s our Calm AF motto.

Love you so much. See you next time.

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