Hello, Gorgeous Soul.

Are you a goal setter or a word picker for the new year?

There’s no wrong way to strut into 2022 as long as you’re choosing to strut in INTENTIONALLY.

Letting life have it’s way with you is SOOOOOOO 2020, 2021.

I looooove goals.

I have tweaked my goal writing process again this year and took some of my OG clients who’ve been with me since my FIRST iteration of my goal writing process and they LOVED it.

They said it took them to the next level in their planning.

I’m running all of my current and future clients through my process on January 9th. I cannot wait. It’s going to blow their minds.

If you want in and you’re not a client, make sure you get on my schedule. The next round of Rewired AF is enrolling now and closing soon.

If you are interested but unsure about the in-person retreat…SAME, honey.

We are crossing our toes and fingers that we’ll be able to gather and your safety is incredibly important to me, so we’re watching this little omicron buddy, watching numbers, and my team and I are coming up with backup plans for anyone who’s not able to be there in person.

In other words, don’t wait until the next round.

We’re DONE with waiting for certainty to move forward QUICKLY toward our future.

Which leads me to MY word or, I guess, phrase for 2022.

Because I do BOTH….goals AND a phase or a word.

My phrase for 2022 is QUANTUM LEAP.

This phrase is giving me SO MUCH LIFE.

After years of being in a holding pattern, I’ve simply decided to not be in a holding pattern anymore.

This doesn’t mean I’ve got middle fingers up to the world.

It simply means, things aren’t going to go back to what they used to be and I’m tired of the waiting.

Life isn’t going back to what it was, at least not anytime soon.

So instead of a holding pattern….I intend to QUANTUM LEAP to my goals and my future self.

Instead of waiting for certainty or normalcy….I’m just gonna speed up.

Here’s what this DOES NOT mean:

I will NOT be working harder. I will not be working more. I will not be HARD on myself.

I know this might not make sense to you.

Because MOST of you still are under the assumption that in order to make things happen quickly you have to take LOTS of actions and hustle and move fast and not REST until you achieve the goal, which will be exhausting.

NOPE. I’m just choosing to do it quickly instead of slowly.

THAT is what the work is….to simply BE the version of myself who makes a quantum leap.

I’m just choosing that instead of it taking a long time, it will happen quickly.


Yes, sometimes unlearning old patterns or habits or stories takes time to move from conscious to subconscious, but it also can happen quickly.

Sometimes it feels GOOD to slow and steady your way through transformation.

And sometimes? You just wanna leap.

After a few years in the holding pattern of uncertainty….what’s going to happen next? Do I just hold tight?….I’m manifesting a quantum leap in my transformation.

This is the energy I’m also bringing to my clients this year.

We’re not going to feel rushed or hurried or anxious about ANY goal, but we are simply going to walk into 2022 with the belief that whatever life you want to create doesn’t have to take forever.

It doesn’t have to feel hard.

It will NOT exhaust you or leave you feeling depleted.

QUANTUM leap with me into the future you WANT.

A life you like to wake up to.

No more holding pattern.

It’s time to do this.

And I know exactly how to get you there.

Not by figuring out HOW to quantum leap.

By becoming the person who ALREADY quantum leaped (leapt?).

By calming down and trusting that when you stay aligned with your TRUE self, HOW you get there becomes clear.

Staying stuck does NOT create clarity.

There are FOUR stages in BECOMING your future self. I talk about them all the time:


Each of those stages takes time, yes.

But here’s the thing people don’t understand:

You don’t have to unlearn every single limiting thought or toxic story before you can become your TRUE self.

You don’t have to hardwire every new thought before you can step into the life you want.

You don’t have to dig into your past for years in order to step into your future.

You can BECOME your true self FIRST….a quantum leap….WHILE you are unlearning, remembering, and rewiring.

THIS is why I start my clients at the end by having them get clear on who they are BECOMING.

We spend lots of time visualizing and creating the intentional manifestation goal and then address the unlearning and rewiring as we go.

This is the OPPOSITE of how many people and teachers teach.

This way is WAY lighter.

WAY more fun.

Way more motivating…to become your future self first before ANY changes are made.

Because the whole point of the Rewired method of transformation is not to change so you can be worthy.

It’s to step into your worthiness so you can change whatever you want.

So much better.

Quantum leap is my phrase of 2022 AND the energy I’m bringing to my current clients AND future clients.

It doesn’t have to take forever to feel better.

Let’s start right now.

Start aligning with your future self, get to know that version of you backwards, forwards, inside out and let that clarity show you exactly how to get what you want.

If you want to quantum leap with me and my soul squad in the next round of Rewired AF…spots are limited. Go to kristenfinch.com/rewiredAF to learn more and apply.

Don’t let fear or uncertainty stop you.

THIS is our quantum leap year.

IT will NOT be exhausting…that’s not how I roll…it will be light and ease-full with plenty of rest and lots of laughter and connection.


Alright love you all so much!

I hope to talk to you about joining the next round soon! Have a great start to 2022, Gorgeous Soul

See you next time

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