Hello, Gorgeous Soul.

This episode is all about getting to your future self without taking the torture path. Because here’s the truth about creating the future you want: if the journey there SUCKS, you’re not going to feel better when you arrive.

If you don’t feel worthy along the way, you definitely will not feel like you’re enough when you get there. In other words, happy endings do not come from unhappy journeys.

The way to become your future self – sustainably – is to deeply understand that the objective of becoming the Future You isn’t about the THING you will achieve or attain, it’s how that thing will make you FEEL. It’s not about how much Future You weighs, it’s about feeling healthy and worthy, bouyant and free. It’s not about the amount of money Future You has, it’s about the sense of personal empowerment or security you feel.

If the destination is a feeling state, then the path to your future self MUST be guided by how you feel. You think you want “that thing” but the truth is you want to FEEL lighter, in your body, your mind, your soul. You want to FEEL more free in your body, mind, soul. You want to FEEL worthy.

In this episode, I share the HOW. How to get to your future self in a way that doesn’t suck, so you can enjoy the feeling of arriving.

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