Hello, Gorgeous Soul.

Most of us are taught that any feeling except happiness is something to be avoided. But, human beings are emotional creatures. Emotional capacity is literally coded into our DNA. In this episode, I explain the difference between “clean pain” – which is unavoidable – and “dirty pain,” which is absolutely avoidable.

So, what is dirty pain and how is it different from clean pain? Clean pain is the truest emotion that you are experiencing as a result of a stimulus. “I miss my mom today.” Dirty pain is the STORY we tell ourselves about that pain: “I will feel this sad FOREVER. It is HOPELESS.” That’s dirty pain.

Dirty pain keeps us stuck. It holds us back, drowns us. Clean pain is an important experience. It may not be pleasant, but it’s necessary. And the only way OUT of clean pain, is through it.

– Kristen

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