Hello, Gorgeous Soul.

If you want to change ANYTHING at all…you’ve got to be willing to feel DISCOMFORT. If you want to change how you FEEL about your life as a whole, if you want to leave a toxic job or a toxic relationship. If you want to FIND your FOREVER person. If you want to feel BETTER, calmer, content, happier, FREE you HAVE to choose GROWTH over comfort.

It is normal to feel nervous about having a hard conversation, making a big decision, taking a risk. doing something new, creating a new habit, deciding to change something in your life. Completely normal, in fact, because your brain does not like the unknown. The brain loves big things to worry about, and the unknown is the biggest.

That anxiety – that FEAR voice – is so persuasive and incessant that you will shut down the thing you wanted before you even tried it. And THAT is the worst possible outcome.

In this episode, through different stories from my work with clients, you will learn:

  • How your brain perceives the risk of certain feelings and tries to protect you from them
  • Why holding out for the risk-free option keeps you stuck where you don’t want to be
  • Why you MUST proactively, purposefully, intentionally choose GROWTH over comfort

You will uncover three important principles about choosing GROWTH over comfort:

  • Choosing your growth is choosing your FUTURE
  • Choosing your growth is choosing the reality you WANT to create
  • Choosing your growth over your comfort is choosing YOU

And, you will learn 3 ways that your brain will fight you tooth & nail when you decide to make a change:

  • First, your brain will serve you its classic Fear of What Others Might Think About You
  • If that doesn’t take you down immediately, your brain will then invoke Imposter Syndrome
  • And if neither of those things work, your brain will go to straight-up Catastrophic Thinking

And remember, your brain is only doing these things to protect you from A FEELING that isn’t actually harmful. That’s why you are going to approach your change, your transformation, your big decision, as you would guide someone you LOVE through it: with compassion, with kindness, with consistent support. You will learn to have your own back while you choose GROWTH over comfort.

Grab some coffee and give it a listen. You got this. And I got you.

– Kristen


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