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Listen. I always want to make sure what I give you on this podcast is valuable. THIS episode, if you don’t just listen to it but actually put it into practice, is one of the MOST valuable episodes I’ve ever published. HOW to spend less time in overthinking, procrastination, and worry loops.

One of the things I’ve learned as I’ve grown my coaching from a part time hobby to a multi six figure business is that when I make a decision, I TRUST the decision is TOTALLY the right one, and then I work to prove THAT true, instead of trying to prove it was the WRONG decision. Here’s how I do it — and here’s how I’ve coached hundreds of over-thinkers — in just 3 steps:


STEP 1: Directions & deadlines

STEP 2: Decide & do

STEP 3: Evaluation & repeat


DIRECTIONS & DEADLINES is a pre-decision step. Here, you identify a key decision that you need to make, and then you give your brain specific directions and a firm deadline. Because if you skip this step, your brain WILL GO ROGUE on you. Think of your brain as a Google search window. When you don’t give your brain specific directions on what to search for, you will find yourself with 30 tabs open, all pointing to useless, distracting information. Here’s what I suggest when it comes to giving your brain directions: Don’t spend time searching your brain for things that it can’t possibly know. Like, what’s going to happen in the future. What other people are thinking about you. How to change someone else’s behaviors, thoughts, actions.

Instead, ask yourself what YOU can do. Ask yourself what you DO know. Give your brain specifics. If you wanted to learn to bake sourdough bread, you wouldn’t google “I don’t know how.” There will be NOTHING about sourdough in those results. NOTHING that will help you solve the problem. Your results will be MUCH more helpful if you google “How to bake sourdough bread.”

Then, give your brain a literal and firm deadline. How long to make your decision? 10 minutes? 1 day? Remember, more time spent making a decision does not equal a better decision.

DECIDE & DO is pretty self-explanatory: this is where you stop the timer and actually make your decision.This is the part where people tend to freeze. Because your brain has somehow convinced you that every decision you make is PERMANENT, UNFIXABLE, and will have a MAJOR impact on your life forever. So, here’s what you’ll do after you’ve given your brain directions and a deadline: you will simply decide…IN PENCIL. 95% of the decisions that you make can be changed later. It’s that simple. Just take your step so that you can…

EVALUATE & REPEAT. Once you’ve made the decision and you’ve started taking ACTION towards your goal, towards your decision, once you’ve started making moves towards what you want to create, you’re going to evaluate as you go. You’re going to see what’s WORKING about your decision and if there’s anything you need to tweak. What you WILL NOT do in this step is wring your hands, doubt yourself, panic, and go back to over-thinking. Nope. Instead, you will assess what’s working, you will acknowledge the reasons why you still made the right decision, despite inevitable hiccups, set-backs, speed bumps.

When you evaluate your decision and the actions you take, ask your brain FIRST for what went well, what worked, what you will continue. And THEN ask it for SPECIFICS about what didn’t work. Once you have that list, you can SOLVE for the problems you came up with instead of throwing the entire thing out.

If something you want doesn’t go the way you wanted to, if something you try doesn’t go right immediately, if you don’t see change right away….nothing has gone WRONG…It just means you tweak it to make it RIGHT.

And then you repeat.

You take the information you learned from your evaluation and you REPEAT. You take the things that didn’t work and you go back to directions and deadline. You aren’t starting over, you are REFINING.

You are MAKING it work.THIS is how you stop the cycle of overthinking, getting stuck, giving up, starting and stopping.

When you know how to stop that cycle, everything changes.

MAKE SURE you sign up for my FREE webinar on April 15th, “The Stop Over-thinking Master Class.” I will go into even more detail about each of these steps and give you actionable solutions to help you stop over-thinking. All you have to do is click here to register.

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