Hello, Gorgeous Soul.

Let’s talk for a moment about over-thinking, which tends to be an affliction of the super-smart.

Here’s how I define over-thinking: it’s thinking about a problem or circumstance so much that your efforts move from being helpful to harmful.

I LOVE having conversations and surrounding myself with smart people. But here’s what I’ve learned about you smarty pants: You over-use your brain. And it’s making you less productive as a result.

Over-thinking is especially common among those of you who tend to be rewarded for your great brain power. You think, “Well, if my brain is so great at solving problems, then the MORE I use it, the more I exhaust the critical thinking circuits up there, the BETTER my choices will become.” Which leads to, “If I spent 30 minutes coming up with a pretty good solution, then 60 minutes would be even BETTER, because I’ll think of some things I didn’t think of in those first 30 minutes.” And now you’re over-thinking.

As much as I respect your brain and all the amazing things it does for you (truly), you have GOT to stop this shit.

The length of time, the amount of energy spent thinking about a problem IS NOT EQUIVALENT to finding a better solution. It is, however, equivalent to how much you end up delaying your progress. Thinking, analyzing, considering – these are all excellent uses for your brain. OVER-thinking, OVER-analyzing, OVER-considering, on the other hand, are neither efficient nor effective uses of your mental horsepower.

Over-thinking DISCONNECTS you from the Calm AF you, the one who already knows the answer. When you over-think, you ignore your intuition, which is WAY more reliable than your brain. (Your body can’t lie, your energy won’t lie, and yet your brain is constantly just making shit up.)

When you over-think you are undermining yourself.

Next week, I’m going to explain to you how to process information and feelings quicker, how to reduce the time you spend over-thinking, and reach your goals faster as a result. And to get there, we’re starting here.

So grab a coffee and let’s dive in.

In this episode, you’ll learn that:

  • Over-thinking is not critical thinking; it’s an avoidance action you are taking so you don’t have to feel bad
  • Over-thinking does not create clarity, it just causes confusion
  • Over-thinking does not help you find bulletproof solutions, or get you to solutions faster; it just delays the change you’re trying to make
  • You don’t know what will happen in the future, and pondering it to death doesn’t make things more certain
  • You can evaluate worst-case scenarios but dwelling on them is counterproductive
  • One of the greatest hidden time-sucks in your life is over-thinking

– Kristen


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