Calm the F**k Down

The program for energy managers, people pleasers, and other approval addicts.

I have been where you are.

The one walking on eggshells. The one putting out all the fires. Cleaning up all the messes. Hyper-vigilantly looking for potential fires and messes that might upset the  “mood” of the house, of the room, of the world.

I thought I was doing it to protect myself. I thought doing all this “prep work” would make my life easier. As long as he’s calm, I can be calm. As long as she’s feeling rested, I don’t need to rest. As long as no one feels uncomfortable, it’ll be worth it.

Over time, though, the resentment grows.

The exhaustion takes over your whole Self — mind, body, soul. Your whole life is lived for other people…and there’s no end in sight.

You aren’t just a people pleaser or an overwhelmed mom.

You are an Energy Manager.

And the hard truth is that you will continue to be the energy manager forever UNLESS you commit to stopping it. You will keep repeating patterns and ending up in relationships with people who need energy managing — or, you will end it.

I know it might feel impossible or scary. It might feel like if you stop, the little peace you do have is in jeopardy.

Energy managing isn’t making your life easier. It’s merely your trick to avoid a non-preferred feeling in a moment of time. And long term? It’s making your life HARDER. Because there is no end.

Do you want to do this the rest of your life? Do you even have it in you?

If you’re exhausted today…how will you feel a year from now?

Ten years from now?

This program has been designed SPECIFICALLY for the Energy Managers.

I’m going to teach you how to STOP, so you can feel alive while you’re alive instead of dragging yourself through the motions.

Here’s some of the areas we’ll be covering:

      • feeling your feelings without drowning in them
      • how to be an empowered empath vs feeling powerless to other people’s moods and feelings
      • neurodiverse relationships
      • what to do when things go “wrong”
      • how to build emotional resilience
      • how to set boundaries and stick to them
      • energetic boundaries for empaths

and more…

Here’s the thing about this program: it’s going to be dynamic and responsive to our needs as a group. The foundation is built but the details may change as we go.

If there is an area that the class wants to spend more time on, we will. If we need to add more calls, we will.

Here’s what I know for sure: There will be weekly classes held on zoom. Time and day TBD but likely Monday or Wednesday mornings Mountain Time U.S. (GMT-6). I will be bringing in people who can ADD to the experience…my husband to share what it was like on the other side, past clients who will share their journey, experts that can give you more resources or ideas. We will meet for approximately 16 weeks. There will be a private community page (either FB or Slack).

The investment is $3000.

If you’re not comfortable with not knowing every detail before making an investment like this, you might want to wait until the next time I offer this. But if you’re like “HELL yeah. This is for me!” then come join me in the magic.

Here is the link to join.

(Or you can tap the yellow Buy Now button)

After you join, you’ll receive an email from Mary (the world’s greatest assistant) welcoming you to the group and getting some info from you.

If you don’t receive that in 24 hours or less (excluding weekends), please reach out to for support. (Make sure you check your spam folder first!)

If you’d like me to answer a question for you, email me and I’ll get back to you personally.

This will change your life because it will give you your life back.

You get one life.

Don’t waste one more day NOT living it for yourself.

I got you, Gorgeous Soul.

Love you so much!