Hello, Gorgeous Soul.

On today’s BONUS episode of Calm AF I’m sharing a coaching concept I created called The Rules of the Roles.

You were handed an imaginary rule book when you were born. Throughout your life it has been filled with the “rules” of who you’re supposed to be. What it means to be a good girl, good woman, good mom. What a good marriage is supposed to look like. How a good husband is supposed to act.

And most of us haven’t stopped to question ANY of the rules.

In today’s bonus episode, I’m sharing the steps you need to take to un-learn your old stories and create the life you want:

~ find the rules
~ question the rules
~ rewrite the rules
~ rewire your mind

The best way to do this work is with my help. I am teaching this in depth in Rewired AF, a 6-month group coaching program beginning September 14th.

To learn more, go to kristenfinch.com/rewiredaf

Schedule a free consult call to see if the group is right for you here.

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