Let’s end the year on a HIGH vibe!

I REFUUUUUUSE to crawl into 2019 feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. Refuse. I refuse to run myself ragged and feel tired and resentful and angry. And I want YOU to refuse to feel like this too. [...]

Where to invest in 2019

I used to spend SO MANY hours trying to find the perfect diet. I’d be online or at the bookstore searching for the EXACT right way to eat, the EXACT right type of exercise to do in order to feel [...]

How badass is that??

This is my great great great grandmother, Melinda. She had 11 kids, outlived 3 husbands and smoked a pipe.   Does it GET any more badass than that???   My grandma turned 102 in [...]

What do you wish you could have?

Several years ago I was writing in a journal about the life I wanted but didn’t have. There were lots of things I wanted to change about my relationships and my body and my house. But I [...]

Who’s in charge of who?

My husband is not in charge of my happiness. No matter what he does, he doesn’t get to choose how I feel. He doesn’t get to choose if I feel happy or mad or sad or resentful or [...]

Level UP – Girls Night Out

Do you have this niggling feeling that you aren’t doing the thing you’re really here to do?   Or maybe it’s more than a niggling…maybe you’re fed UP with the [...]

We’re in this together

This pic is from a dinner party I was at a few weeks ago with new friends. (This dog is Harvey and we are best friends because I’m the girl who hangs with the dog at dinner parties). [...]

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