Who’s in charge of who?

My husband is not in charge of my happiness. No matter what he does, he doesn’t get to choose how I feel. He doesn’t get to choose if I feel happy or mad or sad or resentful or [...]

We’re in this together

This pic is from a dinner party I was at a few weeks ago with new friends. (This dog is Harvey and we are best friends because I’m the girl who hangs with the dog at dinner parties). [...]

How we make it work

This is us. Our brains are soooooooo different. SO different. The way we approach pretty much everything is like night and day. And THIS is what made our marriage tricky. It’s not that he [...]

Why you should be relentless.

This is Keaton.   It may not look like it in this picture, but Keaton. Is. RELENTLESS.   From the moment I wake up, he starts following me around.   He sits and watches me [...]