Here’s the thing about clutter: It keeps us ambivalent. And that means we are working from two mindsets. We spin ourselves tired with guilt and overwhelm. And absolutely nothing happens. That’s why clutter sticks around for-like-ever. Ambivalence.

So, how do you step out of that space? Find ONE thing to do. We can accomplish anything when it’s in small chunks of effort + time. And when that’s done, find another thing to do. One step at a time changes everything. That’s the mighty secret behind transforming chaos into order. Sometimes, though, that ambivalence questions where to even start? We start small. With one task a day. For 21 days. We knock the unrealistic expectations to the curb. We say buh-bye, ambivalence. And little by little, we open up space. create order.

When we prioritize our space, we are really prioritizing ourselves. And from there, nothing but magic erupts. It’s all about simplifying the space that holds our things so our life tells an unforgettably better story.

If you’re at that fork within the road – so much stuff, no time to deal – this course is for you.

Class starts May 10th.

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What is Uncluttered?

Uncluttered (formerly known as re: clutter) is a completely innovative + effective 21 day program designed to not just help you clear your clutter, but to understand why you have clutter in the first place. And we get it…people want to skip that step. People want the end result, the clean closet, the cleared off counters and we want it now. There are puh-LENTY of programs and books out there that will have you grabbing the trash bags and dumping/donating everything and anything that isn’t sparking joy. And yes, we’re all about that…as Amanda says “live with what you love” and ONLY what you love.


How did that process work out for you, long term? Did you have any regrets about the things you got rid of? Did you maybe find yourself having to repeat that giant purge a few months later? Did that closet suddenly get full again? Or did you get overwhelmed with the project a few projects in and completely abandon ship, perhaps leaving a bigger mess than you started with?

Here’s the thing…our stuff is not just stuff. It’s energy. EVERYthing is energy, from you to your hairbrush to that pair of jeans you are hoping to fit back into someday. And until we understand our “stuff” from that perspective, we can’t break that pattern of “stuff” bingeing and purging.

What we have realized in working with hundreds of women and men is that quick fixes don’t work long term. In order to  you are going to have to dig in and figure out what the stories are that are keeping you from getting rid of things and the reasons behind why you always seem to just accumulate more.

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This class is for you if: 

You want to clear your clutter but don’t know where to start. You get overwhelmed, make a bigger mess, shut down.

You’ve been successful at decluttering using another method, but can’t seem to get the habits to stick.

You are a perfectionist.

You start things but hardly ever finish them.

You are a busy mom who just wants a little breathing room.

Meet your new best friends:

 Amanda Gibby Peters is a Dallas-based feng shui consultant and blogger with an international clientele. Her motto is “live with what you love”. She has been featured in Mind Body Green, Clementine Daily, and Momstrology. Amanda chronicles her work at (Side note from Kristen: She’s serrrriously smart, funny as hell and, honestly…you WANT to know Amanda.)

Kristen Finch works as a life coach to women who feel like they just can’t keep up the facade anymore. She helps women clear through the clutter in their minds, their bodies and their homes to create space for more love and more fulfillment. She takes the complicated annoying-ness of “self help” and breaks it down into little nuggets of ease. She’s naturally unorganized and has a serrrrrrious diagnosis of ADHD so if she can do this, SO. CAN. YOU.

What to expect:

  • Every single day for 21 days you will receive a new lesson in which we’ll not just give you a short clutter assignment to complete but also tell you WHY we’ve chosen this assignment. There is a very specific method to the Uncluttered process so that you can be successful long past our 21 days together.


  • You will receive THREE mp3 classes on days 1, 7, and 14 which are yours to keep and re-listen to anytime you need a little kick in the pants. And listen…these classes…we don’t hold back. We call you out on your clever excuses. But it’s just because we LOVE you and want you to feel the freedom that clear living brings.


  • You will have access to us (Amanda and Kristen) in a private FB group where we can answer questions and clarify anything that might come up for you.

And here’s a fun little list of some of the unexpected side effects past participants have experienced during class:

  • feeling calmer
  • more confidence
  • more time 
  • more energy (!!)
  • improved mood
  • weight loss 
  • less irritability
  • little magical synchronicities (like unexpected successes, money, jobs, luck)

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Cost: $97

Start date: Wednesday, May 10th.

Logistics: This class is virtual which means you can join from anywhere in the world and do it at any time of the day or night. The class

Time commitment: Most of the assignments take around 15 minutes (but the range is form 2 minutes to 90 minutes, depending on the job). And look…we’re all busy. This class is helping you get set up so you have more freedom, but it might take a minute to get there. It’s worth it. Also, you are free to move assignments around to fit your time…so no excuses are gonna fly. wink wink. )


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